Any investor who employs the services of a Wall Street brokerage firm or stockbroker is at risk of becoming a victim and being injured by investment fraud.

Yet many injured investors miss out on the compensation they deserve when they suffer massive financial losses due to stock market fraud. Some are afraid to ask for help because they don’t want to ruin the personal relationship they have with their stockbroker, and/or they don’t want to destroy their stockbroker’s career. Others misunderstand the legal system or think they don’t have any rights.

The Consumer Investor Resource Center (CIRC) is here to help. You do have rights. If you’re a stock fraud victim, you can preserve your rights by filing a claim and trying to get your money back. The CIRC is committed to giving confidential assistance and resources to injured investors. We help you preserve your rights so you can claim the money and other benefits you may be entitled to.

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Stock Fraud: You Are Not at Fault!

It’s important to understand that if you’re the victim of stock market fraud, this is not your fault: unsuitable investment advice, negligence, lies and stockbrokers/brokerage firms favoring their own interests above those of their clients are the reason why countless American consumers have lost all or a large percentage of their hard-earned life savings in recent years.

The fact is: The investment industry is a breeding ground for fraud. Even the most ‘respected’ brokerage firms on Wall Street devise complex schemes for defrauding investors. If you’re the victim of such fraud, you deserve to receive compensation − including interest, attorney’s fees, costs of pursuing the action and punitive damages − for the loss of the money you worked so hard to earn and save.

There are many types of compensation you may be eligible for. Pursuing compensation is definitely worth your while.

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If you have been injured by stock fraud, you have been wronged and you deserve justice.

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